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Jeff Bridich and a Culture of Value

October 11, 2014 | 2 Comments

The idea of “culture” in the Rockies organization has become a bit of a joke among many fans and media types. This dismissive attitude toward the term developed when owner and president Dick Monfort stated he would fear making any changes which would disrupt the “culture of value” within [...]

In The Not-Quite-Yet Frozen Lands Near Coors Field

October 9, 2014 | 0 Comments

Going into 2014, owner Dick Monfort thought, with a healthy roster, the Colorado Rockies would win 90 games. Well, the Rockies didn’t stay healthy as injuries not only TKOed the usual culprits in Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez, but took bites out of Nolan Arenado, Michael Cuddyer and [...]

Blame the Umps?! – Part 2

August 28, 2014 | 0 Comments

Last week, in Part 1 of this study, I explored the effect bad umpiring on ball/strike calls has had on Colorado Rockies hitters – both individually and as a team – thus far in 2014. The headlines, in brief, were: 1. Corey Dickerson, screwed by the umps more than anyone on the team, may be even [...]

Something New to Blame?

August 20, 2014 | 0 Comments

One of the recurring themes of the Colorado Rockies’ disastrous 2014 campaign has been blame. Who and/or what is to blame for the crappy on-field product this year? There is plenty of blame to go around, of course. Depending on who you ask, General Manager Dan O’Dowd is to blame for 15 years’ [...]

Analyst Who? – Don’t Blink

April 30, 2014 | 2 Comments

        Yep. That’s me. Doctor Who -“Blink”- BBC               Yes I do watch it.               Yep, and this.   Are you going to read out the whole thing?         [...]

A Fowler Front Office?

March 24, 2014 | 0 Comments

In the Sunday edition of the Houston Chronicle appeared a story by Evan Drellich about former Colorado Rockies and new Houston Astros outfielder Dexter Fowler. Part of the article discusses Fowler feeling that the trade gives him “a new beginning”. Juxtaposed with that is the observation of [...]

More on Morneau

March 22, 2014 | 3 Comments

Going into the offseason, the Colorado Rockies needed to find a solution to replace the dearly retired Todd Helton. It turns out they decided to open the checkbook and, on December 3rd, 2013, the Colorado Rockies agreed to a two year, $14 million dollar deal with longtime Twin and mini-Pirate [...]

Rooftop Deck – 3/21/14

March 21, 2014 | 0 Comments

Rooftop Deck is a, well, deck (or stack or summary or whatnot) of articles and tweets, primarily about the Colorado Rockies that are either thought-provoking or funny. (Or at least, I think are thought-provoking or funny). Jeff Wiser, one of our friends at Inside the ‘Zona, a member of the [...]