In cooperation with SABR, we’re helping out at the Rocky Mountain Super Cyber SABR Summit this Saturday, September 13th at 4pm.

It’ll be held at Ian’s Pizza on Blake St. and 22nd. We’ll be discussing a number of topics including:

1. How baseball in Denver can be improved.

2. How have technologies changed and will continue to change the scouting landscape.

3. How else will the future of baseball be impacted through tech advancements.

Then at 5:10, we will watch the local nine (Rockies) play the fabled National League St. Louis Cardinals and have trivia questions between and after each inning.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have!

Want to hear what they are like? Below are links to previous Bloggers Panels:

June 7th at Breckenridge Brewery with special guests Jonah Keri from Grantland, Nick Groke and Ben Hochman from the Denver Post and Bill Rogan from KNUS. Audio available here.

July 26th at El Charrito’s with Zingers writer Adam Peterson flying in from out of town. Audio available at here.

August 16th at El Charrito’s with Zingers writer Eric Garcia McKinley and Bryan Kilpatrick, Editor of Purple Row, flying in from out of town. Also a surprise guest… Audio available here.

2 thoughts on “Events

  1. The Blogger panel for July 26 th should be very interesting discussion. There will be many items to discuss after all that has happened with Dick Monfort situation. Monfort’s meeting with fan (Christine Voss), then a meeting is scheduled for Wed. 7-23-14 with a ROX fan (Kevin Doran). I am sure there will be plenty of media attention after the Rockies meeting with fan, Kevin Doran. I guess interesting is an understatement.

  2. Sorry it took awhile for me to reply but I’ve been travelling.

    I’m sure we’ll talk about Monfort and it’ll probably be the first topic. If you’re able to make it I look forward to meeting you.

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