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This is a site by Rockies fans for Rockies fans. There will be some analysis, some silliness, some critiques and some compliments.


Richard Bergstrom – Originally from Chicago and after an extensive tour of most of the western United States, this is my second stint in Denver. I’ve lived here since 2004 and go to quite a few Rockies games, especially Rockies fireworks games! When I’m not writing about baseball, I enjoy karaoke downtown, a bit of poker and a bit too much of my iPad.

Photo by Mel Carleo

Richard Bergstrom – Photo by Mel Carleo



Ryan Hammon – I’m just a small town kid from Montana who thinks Coors Field on a sunny summer Saturday night is the best place to be on this or any other plane of existence. Sadly, I’ve given up all hope of making it as a professional second baseman, but take some solace in the opportunities I have to watch and talk about professional second baseman (and other positions, too!). In those fleeting moments when I’m not thinking about baseball, I’m probably camping in the Poudre, laughing with my wife, or chasing my toddler around my unfurnished living room.




JJ Buck – Sports radio host in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Also a student at the University of New Mexico. Grew up just outside of Denver in Arvada, Colorado. My parents took me to the first ever Rockies game at Mile High Stadium. While my memories are hazy, I was five years-old, it got me hooked on the game. My passion for sports runs deep. From the Rockies to the Avalanche, a Rocky Mountain sports fan to the bone.




John Bristow – My name is John and I am a baseball fanatic and geology graduate student out of Golden. I dream some day of attending all 81 home games in a season at Coors Field. When I am not watching baseball or doing research, I can be found messing around with amateur radio.


Past Writers:

Scott Fults – Born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI, 1993 brought me a full on Rockies outfit with matching socks to usher in the latest expansion era. Having some family in Colorado, I have made it to Coors Field a couple of times and look to add to that. I find minor league baseball fascinating, and when I am not delving further into the farm system, you can find me playing rec league sports or spending time with my fiancee and dog, Buster.



Eric Garcia McKinley – I grew up in Colorado and have been a Rockies fan from the very beginning. I have previously written about the Rockies for Rox Pile.

Eric Garcia McKinley

Eric Garcia McKinley


Juan Pablo Zubillaga – Venezuelan die-hard Colorado Rockies fan. In addition to watching and analyzing as much baseball as I can, I’m also a Chemical Engineer // Venezolano, fanático de los Colorado Rockies. Además de ver y analizar la mayor cantidad de béisbol posible, también soy Ingeniero Químico

Juan Pablo Zubillaga

Juan Pablo Zubillaga


Jeramiah Penaflor – Denver raised Rockies diehard. “Well, I believe in the soul, the small of a woman’s back, the hanging curve ball, high fiber. I believe there ought to be a constitutional amendment outlawing Astroturf and the designated hitter. I believe in the sweet spot, opening your presents Christmas morning rather than Christmas Eve and I believe in Mile High baseball.”



Parker Fleming – Parker is a baseball fan moonlighting as a writing teacher in Memphis, TN. Originally a Cardinals fan, Parker is taking his fanship nomad this year, and he’s chosen the Rockies as his local club for the 2015 season. He enjoys novels about horses and journeys into nature in his spare time.


Zingers Pic

Jough Brasch – Born and raised in Denver, I have been a diehard Rockies fan for nearly a decade. Although my playing career came to an early end, I’d like to think that my observing career is just beginning. I’m a freshman at Washington University in St. Louis, and I enjoy ultimate frisbee, community service, and kicking it with my bros.


Jough Mexico2


Matthew Quintana – An avid fan living in this big baseball world. I am from San Francisco, CA and I am senior attending The University of New Mexico. I am a sports fanatic as my interests do not pertain just to baseball.


Jake Shapiro – Born in Chicago, raised in Boulder, I fell in love with the Rockies in 2009 and beautiful Coors Field soon there after. I played baseball throughout high school, stopping after a bevy of injuries. (Hi Mark Prior) So now I ump Little League and rant about the Rockies. I attend the university of Colorado at Boulder, where I somehow have found a way to not have picked a major, if they add MILB hat collecting as a major, you know I am all over that.


Nick Tremaroli – Born and raised in Colorado to a baseball loving family, I was always going to be a Rockies fan. I played baseball from age 4 thru 17 when I broke my leg, ending my playing career. While I’m currently working toward both my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Accountancy, there is nothing I enjoy more than watching the Rockies blow up the Coors Field scoreboard.


Marco Mamolen – Born in Boulder, raised on the Rockies, lived through all the highs and lows as a Rockies fan. I Study film at University of Colorado in Boulder. When I’m not writing about the Rockies, I’m scrutinizing movies and TV shows or watching my Nuggets and Broncos continually disappoint. Growing up on Denver sports have made me an optimistic pessimist, always ending with the latter. Hopefully the 2015 Rockies can change that.


Harrison Williams – I grew up playing baseball in sunny Southern California my entire life up until last year when my catchers knees decided it was enough. Being a catcher I always loved calling the game and analyzing every batter that came up to the plate. I am set to graduate from CU Boulder in December and hoping to land a job that allows me to continue in the baseball world.


Adam Peterson – Born and raised in Denver, I stopped playing baseball in high school due to a lack of what some would call “talent,” but then my passion for the game, and the Rockies, only grew. I went to the University of Colorado at Boulder to study Civil Engineering, where I picked up a minor in Applied Statistics. After college I took a job in suburban Memphis, over 1,100 miles away from Coors Field. While my Rockies-loving wife and I enjoy spending time out and about in Memphis, any free time spent not doing something baseball-related is a rare moment indeed.



Sarah Ford – Colorado born and bred, I was doomed from the start to become a Rockies fan. Now living in Denver, I am receiving my degree in journalism and international relations from the University of Denver. I also write about non-Rockies things as a freelance journalist, but there’s little I enjoy more than chatting about the boys in purple or spending an evening at Coors Field.



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