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Rockies Bloggers Panel 8/1/15 Recording

On August 1st, mere days after Troy Tulowitzki was traded by the Colorado Rockies, local bloggers gathered at El Charrito’s, a mere two blocks from Coors Field, to commiserate about their loss. Spirits, some of the alcoholic kind, were consumed not just by the trade, but by the outlook on the Rockies for the rest of the season. Yet some find heart in the package we got back.

This was also our first attempt at doing a livestream and chat so that those Rockies fans from other states (or had other schedules that didn’t allow them to travel downtown) could join in. Yep, we even broke the ice with our first internet question!

Feel free to listen in below.

Panelists (from left to right):

Jake Shapiro – Rockies Zingers
Nick Tremaroli – Rockies Zingers
Michelle Stalnaker – RoxPile
Ted Chalfen – Purple Row
Drew Creasman – Purple RowPurple Row

Richard Bergstrom, Editor/Head Writer of Rockies Zingers, also makes a little appearance at the beginning to introduce everyone before going off to monitor the stream.

This is also the first time we had a live stream and chat, so we do apologize that technical issues chopped off the recording after an hour and 23 minutes of Rockies chat.

The next one is planned for early September. Make sure to keep an eye on the Events tab for future details or to listen to past recordings.

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