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Rockies Bloggers Panel / Purple Row Birthday – 4/25/15 Recording

On April 25th, Purple Row‘s editors, writers and community members from the past and present gathered at Jackson’s to celebrate their 10th year anniversary.

Boy, was it a party. As with every blogger panel, there’s usually a lengthy pre-panel chat where everyone’s getting to meet each other. Sometimes we even forget to start the panel because we’re having so much fun chatting. This time around, one big difference was that everybody knew each other, but only by their online persona. So Bryan Kilpatrick invited everyone to come early for brunch so that they could meet each other face to face.


As a welcome treat, fan of Purple Row, ex-Colorado Rockie and current Root Sports personality Ryan Spilborghs joined us for brunch. A little admiration for the Rockies fan favorite didn’t stop the lively conversation that happened. I could say that Ryan was peppered with questions, except it was a two way street as he asked writers and community members about a variety of topics including what their favorite metrics and how to use them. Unfortunately, no one had a good explanation for why Major League II never got the respect it deserved.


Then the panel began, just in time for Thomas Harding from to arrive and throw some questions and jokes our way.

Feel free to click the link below and listen in!


The panelists (from left to right) included…

Eric Garcia McKinley – Assistant Editor of Purple Row (and former Rockies Zingers and RoxPile Writer.

Ryan Hammon – Purple Row community member and Rockies Zingers Writer.

Bryan Kilpatrick – Purple Row Editor and [REDACTED]

Richard Bergstrom – Purple Row fanboy and Rockies Zingers Editor/Head Writer.

Jeff Aberle – Former Purple Row Editor and anagramist.

Russ Oates – One of the original founders of Purple Row… and it turns out, he’s not RoxGirl.


And farther to the right, presumably punching because he can not heckle from the audience, former Purple Row Editor Andrew Martin.

As an extra treat, the Rockies Assistant Director of Digital Media and Publications, Julian Valentin, showed up to congratulate Purple Row on their anniversary and thank them for their support. He also arrived with tickets to that day’s game. Naturally, that led to a picture of Purple Row sitting in the actual Purple Row…


Thanks to Caitlin Rice for the pictures!

The next panel is slated for late May. Make sure to keep an eye on the Events tab for more details!

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