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Rockies Bloggers Panel 3/28/15 Recording

The Rockies may be wrapping up spring training but that isn’t stopping us bloggers from ramping up our analysis, criticisms and witticisms. Yesterday (3/28/15), we gathered downtown at El Charrito’s at 21st and Larimer for another Bloggers Panel. Good eats and drinks (for those of legal age) were supped as we talked about spring training, the release of Jhoulys Chacin and some of the Rockies rookies. We even got to stretch out our arms for the season, mainly by juggling the microphone cord. Part of the fun of these kinds of events is getting to meet a lot of people face-to-face that you might’ve only seen online. Purple Dino Podcast’s Tyler Maun and Zingers Writer/Purple Dino Podcast fan Jake Shapiro shared “a moment”. Even though we started at 4:30pm and the official panel lasted about an hour and a half, people were still chatting about the Rockies till 9pm.

If you want to listen in, the full recording of the panel is here:

Granted, this isn’t the Walking Dead Season Finale, but there are a few spoilers below… so… SPOILER ALERT!


Tyler Maun from Purple Dino Podcast and was high on Tyler Matzek last year and that sure seemed to pay off. His big prediction was that Kyle Freeland could be in the majors by the end of the year.


David Martin from Rockies Review thinks the Rockies were wise in not spending money this offseason “just to spend it”.


Jake Shapiro from Rockies Zingers likes that the Rockies are saving money on the idea that they can use it for contract extensions for Nolan Arenado and whichever rookie pitchers work out for the Rockies.


Michelle Stalnaker from RoxPile, (who happened to be sitting in a darker spot in the room, hence the black and white), thinks Kyle Kendrick has pitched “fine” this spring training and doesn’t think national writers realize how much the Rockies need “fine”.


Meanwhile, Drew Creasman from Purple Row predicted Kyle Kendrick will win 15 games this year. Twitter explosion not yet confirmed.


And on that note, I look like I’m singing karaoke… probably because I’m sitting in a blinding light spot in the room. Thank ya sun!

Our next Rockies Bloggers Panel is slated for April 25th. Not only is it Coors Field’s 20th Anniversary but it’ll be Purple Row’s 10th year anniversary so expect quite a few visiting semi-dignitaries! Keep an eye on our Events tab for details but in the meantime, make sure to mark your calendars and join us!


Thanks to Caitlin Rice for the pictures!

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