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Rockies Bloggers Panel 1/17/15 Recording

Now that the (Broncos) football season is officially over, it was nice to talk a little baseball. We spend some time evaluating, or at least, trying to figure out, the Rockies front office so far. We delve a little into whether we think the Rockies are contenders in 2015… or 2016… and discuss the departure of Josh Rutledge’s hair.

At 3:00(ish) pm on January 17th, 2015 we held our sixth Rockies Bloggers Panel at El Charrito’s on 21st and Larimer in downtown Denver.


Panelists (from left to right):
Jeramiah Penaflor – Rockies Zingers
Zach Marburger – Mile High Sports
Richard Bergstrom – Rockies Zingers
Drew Creasman – Purple Row

We were also fortunate to have Thomas Harding from and Marc Stout from Root Sports in the audience, peppering us with great questions and adding in some additional insight.

Please click the play button below to listen on in on the banter.

Also, for a really good write up, please check out Carolyn Jeffrey’s recap over at Purple Row.

Thanks to Caitlin Rice for the pictures!

The next panel is tentatively penciled in for mid-to-late March, spring training permitting.

5 Comments on Rockies Bloggers Panel 1/17/15 Recording

  1. Tony Simmons // January 21, 2015 at 12:21 am // Reply

    When are the Rocks front office types gonna pull their collective heads out there arse’s and get some quality free-agent pitching????????… Its not impossible, just cuz we are at 5200 feet above sea level, doesn’t mean $$$$$$$$$$$ wont talk loud and clear….Come on man!!!!!!

    • Tony,

      The hard part is that most quality free agent pitchers don’t want to come to Colorado since they figure they will perform poorly and it will hurt their future market value. There’s the risk that if the Rockies sign a 30 year old for 5 years that there’ll be no market for him when he’s 35 because his numbers will look bad. Some of that’s due to the perception of the pre-humidor days, but I’d have to think some free agent pitcher could have success here.

      • Tony Simmons // January 22, 2015 at 4:17 am // Reply

        Understood, but is it far fetched to think that a “real” GM could normalize pitching stats for a pitcher who pitched here and come to some sort of conclusion about how the pitcher might perform at sea level in the future?…….. It doesn’t seem like it would take a Sabermetrican to put together an algorithm that could fairly accurately recalculate how the pitcher would have performed in Oakland during the same time span, and properly value the pitcher for potential acquisition…Am I reaching? Is this already being done? If not, why?

        • It’s probably already being done. The Rockies even have their own version of WAR. The trick is, no one really knows what components they weigh more or less than the standard definition of WAR. I wouldn’t assume the specifics would become public knowledge in any event but it would be nice to know in a Billy Beane/Theo Epstein big picture kinda way.

          I do agree with the points you have been making in this thread btw. You’re not farfetched at all. But as I’ve written elsewhere, there is a distinct difference between what outsiders think the Rockies should do and what they are actually doing. On the other hand, because we don’t get the big, complete picture, it’s hard to tell what other factors may be involved. The Rockies thought they were contenders going into 2014 and think they’ll be contenders in 2015. That’s why they haven’t felt the need to make major moves. Do they sign a Shields who might potentially block Butler or Grey or Freeland from a rotation slot two years down the road? That might be the way they are looking at it. Now, we may not agree with how they are looking at it, but it’s not an illogical way of looking at it either.

  2. Tony Simmons // January 23, 2015 at 8:13 am // Reply

    I have heard the Rocks have their own version of WAR… I would love to see it.. Its kind of fun to speculate but, like you said, “because we don’t get the big, complete picture”, it is something akin to running in place.

    I personally would love to see them sign Shields and then have him take the homegrown talent under his wing, to an extent, and have him work with them one-on-one, along with the coaches, and see if that could accelerate the progression to a starting rotation slot for any or all of the youngsters you mentioned.

    I feel like the Rockies are in a good position right now, in that almost any decision they make will have a high potential for moving the franchise in a positive direction. Do you think they have hit ‘rock bottom’ yet?.. Or do they have some more difficult times coming in 2015?

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