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Rooftop Deck Summary — Colorado Rockies Links and Tweets — 08/27/2014 - Rockies Zingers Colorado Rockies Baseball

Rooftop Deck Summary — Colorado Rockies Links and Tweets — 08/27/2014

Rooftop Deck is a, well, deck (or stack or summary or whatnot) of articles and tweets, primarily about the Colorado Rockies that are either thought-provoking or funny. (Or at least, we think are thought-provoking or funny).

Michael Cuddyer returned from the Disabled List just long enough to hit for the cycle… becoming just the third Major League player to hit for the cycle in both the American League and the National League… then promptly went back on it. In somewhat ominous news, every time Cuddyer is about to return, hypothetical logjams usually involving either Charlie Blackmon, Drew Stubbs or Corey Dickerson losing playing time occur. In happier news (except for Cuddyer), he’s rarely been healthy enough for it to be an issue. As Michelle Stalnaker of the RoxPile points out in her outlook of the Rockies outfield for 2015, if the Rockies were going to make a move to free up space, they really should have done so at the trading deadline. Cuddyer has been valuable with the bat in his brief stints, but that’s been offset by his less than lesser defense which was nowhere near league average when he was healthy. If the Rockies are insistent on keeping Cuddyer at least it might make him a smidge less expensive.

But, back to those injury bugs, which bit into Cuddyer… and Jorge De La Rosa‘s thumb… and Boone Logan‘s elbow… and Rosario’s wrist… all within a few days. Matthew Gross of Purple Row aka RhodeIslandRoxFan aka RIRF discussed what we also had chatted about at the Rockies Bloggers Panel, that there is some suspicion about the Rockies training staff. I’ll admit I’m among the doubters of the training staff. Sure, freak injuries will happen, but any time the Rockies seem to discuss an injury with the media, it always seems to be worse than expected. Our Lord in Tulowitzki went from a day-to-day strain to seeking an outside opinion to out for the season. Logan’s balky elbow and what’s left of Cuddyer’s body should’ve been watched closely by trainers all season and whatever they’ve been looking for to try to keep players healthy, it hasn’t worked. I doubt it is gamesmanship since there’s little reason to believe other teams would care if the Rockies won an extra game revealing the truth about Boone Logan’s elbow. You would think Logan’s body had a physical examination before he signed with the Rockies just as Cuddyer or Brett Anderson (and his blown back) would have… but whatever was looming, multiple someones on the Rockies training staff don’t seem to be seeing it. Maybe the training staff needs a “culture change” as well.

David Martin from Rockies Review highlights Tyler Matzek‘s stellar outing on Tuesday. I’ll admit I disagreed with Martin via Twitter as the game was playing out, thinking Weiss should let Matzek bank his good outing after six innings instead of stretching him out for a seventh, much less have him come up to bat with just a one run lead in the top of the seventh… but I’m glad it paid off. I’m also glad that Matzek didn’t hurt himself hitting as many a Rockies pitcher freakishly has this year. Nonetheless I agree with Martin that Matzek, who is now tied with Jordan Lyles for second on the team in starts that went seven innings or more, is someone the Rockies can build upon. To think that, back on March 7th, Troy Renck of the Denver Post reported there was talk about converting him into a reliever. Not everyone can be an ace, nor does everyone need to be an ace, but I’ll suggest that Matzek has done some good stuff this year, should still do better than Franklin Morales in 2015, and still have a lot of upside based on his skillset and maturity.

Zach Marburger, pre-JDLR thumb injury, discussed whether the Rockies should extend him. I’ll admit that even I had converted over to the idea of keeping him around assuming his back could pass a physical (more ominous music). In theory the Rockies could afford him if they let Cuddyer walk but, in theory, the Rockies want to have their JDLR and eat their Cuddyer too.

On to some chirps!

Since late May, the Rockies seem to make more news based on what other teams are doing than what they have, which is a bit of a shame since things like Todd Helton‘s retirement ceremony and double-win doubleheader were so fun.

LaTroy Hawkins and Michael Cuddyer got to tour Twitter’s headquarters while the Rockies played in San Francisco and Cuddyer was given control of the Rockies Twitter account for a brief stint. No injuries were reported, thankfully.

Pregame autographs have changed a bit since I was a kid. Some of that contrast was evident when comparing the experience I had with my daughter before the July 4th fireworks game versus the stories I heard about how prolific the Sky Sox players are in granting autographs. Besides Barnes, special shoutouts to Charlie Blackmon and Tyler Matzek from “the crew” in Colorado Springs including “The Pom-Pom Girl” for taking the Sky Sox trend of spending some time with the fans and bringing it back to the big leagues.

“Float it.”

Props to LaTroy Hawkins for organizing many major league baseball players to support Little League Baseball.

Is that a smile?

The joyful frustration a writer experiences when a comeback win throws out all the writing for that game. And the Rockies did it twice that day.

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