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Rockies Zingers – First Half Highlights

While the first half of the Colorado Rockies 2014 season hasn’t been all that good, we’ve had a lot of fun here providing you with content. For those of us who have been following us for awhile, thank you very much! For those of you who are newer, welcome to the club! For blogs who have linked to us (and hopefully vice versa, if not, lemme know), we’ve enjoyed sharing content and discussing ideas to help build a more vibrant community. For each of you, here are some of the more popular posts that we’ve had for the first half so you can either catch something you might’ve missed, or relive the experience (which hopefully was a little more successful than the Rockies were in 2014).

Also (since this format doesn’t do them proper justice), I’d like to give a huge shout out to J.J. Buck and Adam Peterson who have provided a lot of additional content through their exquisite series previews and recaps. It’s a failure on my part that I wasn’t able to work them into this as much as I could, but that’s something I’ll keep in mind for the rest of the season.

Featured Articles

Montreal, Baseball City: a Review of Up, Up, and Away, by Jonah KeriEric Garcia McKinley reviewed Grantland (and Denver resident) Jonah Keri‘s book about the Montreal Expos which also included details on Rockies Larry Walker and Andres Galarraga. Recommended reading when you want to compare the foibles of the Rockies ownership versus the challenges in Quebec.

Rockies Business – Interview with Maury Brown – Richard Bergstrom sat down (on the phone) with The Biz Of Baseball Founder and President Maury Brown. Are the Rockies a small market team? Should Monfort be scared of the Dodgers payroll? What’s up with that Rooftop anyway? Those topics and more are covered in this interview.

Interview – Adam Cayton-Holland’s First Pitch – Ever wonder what it’s like to throw out the first pitch? Rockies fan and national comic Adam Cayton-Holland got that opportunity. Thankfully, with all the Tweeting, he didn’t succumb to any hand injuries that have befallen other Rockies pitchers. Check it out!

Physical and Mental Approach to Pitching – Interview with Jason Hirsh – Ex-Rockies pitcher and Root Sports TV Analyst Jason Hirsh discusses his pitching academy where his techniques teach young pitchers about arm care, maintaining balance while throwing and the mental approach needed to succeed in pitching (regardless of altitude).

Troy Tulowitzki Changed Something – What has one of the keys been to Troy Tulowitzki‘s successful 2014? Joey Myers from the Hitting Performance Lab believes that Tulowitzki’s shorter stance coupled with a longer stride has increased his bat speed while easing fatigue. So far Tulo’s been healthy and hitting, so the Rockies have that going for them, which is nice.

Swing Comparison of Nolan Arenado and Carlos Gonzalez – More swing mechanics talk with Joey Myers from the Hitting Performance Lab. This time, he compares Carlos Gonzalez and Nolan Arenado to show what each player does well and why Nolan Arenado may not hit for much power. Make sure to watch the embedded video.

Rockies Bloggers Panel 6/7/14 Recording – The two Rockies bloggers panels we’ve had so far have been a lot of fun. Make sure to catch the next one on July 26th at 1pm at El Charrito’s

A Rockies-centric Review of OOTP – Eric Garcia McKinley dipped his toe for the first time into OOTP and tried replaying the Rockies 2012 season. Make sure to check them out since they have sales going on now and throughout the year. Thanks to our friends at .

Analytical Highlights

Rockies Decision Making in the Front Office – 2014 SABR Analytics Panel – Preseason thoughts from Rockies Assistant General Manager Bill Geivett. No idea yet what makes up RRWAR but at least we get a glimpse of what they think might work.

Best Colorado Rockies Rotation in History… but are they good? – Perhaps I should’ve asked if they are healthy instead of good… but so far, the answer is that even when healthy, they haven’t been good. In the meantime, I’ve stumbled off the Nicaso clown car (since the bandwagon for him wasn’t that big to begin with).

The Rockies and the Infield Shift – Back in April, the Rockies were among the best in the league in inducing ground balls. Furthermore, they were turning those infield groundballs into outs. A broken Arenado thumb later and, well, the Rockies aren’t on that list. Still, it was evidence that the plan, at one point, was working. Still, reminisce with Eric Garcia McKinley’s analysis.

What are the keys for pitching at Coors Field? – The first in a series of “Sabermetrics in Spanish” articles, Juan Pablo Zubillaga takes a look at the kinds of pitches and pitching metrics which indicate success at Coors Field. As a further highlight, he got married this month, so feel free to welcome him back once the honeymoon’s over!

The Emergence of Corey Dickerson – Adam Peterson takes a look at Corey Dickerson‘s breakout, coming at a fortuous time when he was struggling for opportunities. Many fantasy owners benefitted from the midseason pickup.

Damaged CarGo – Another piece by Juan Pablo Zubillaga, fortuitous in predicting that Carlos Gonzalez needed to go on the disabled list. Supposedly his knee healed as well as his finger so we’ll see how right field takes to him.

What Do The Colorado Rockies Have In Tyler Matzek? – One of the few success stories the Rockies have had in their cornucopia of injuries has been the emergence of Tyler Matzek as a possible rotation stalwart. He’s been kept on a limited pitch count but has still been reaching the sixth inning frequently, which is a rarity for Rockies pitchers. Make sure to read Scott Fults’ analysis of Matzek before he was called up.

One More Reason Why The Rockies Don’t Hit On The Road – A huge factor in the Rockies hitters’ struggles on the road has been, surprisingly, hitting fastballs. More research is needed but the prevailing thought is that Rockies get used to Coors Field flattened fastballs at home and thus, whiff hopelessly at them on the road.

Fun With Infield Flies – Back in the good old days, circa late May, when the Rockies were actually good, we spent more time writing about infield flies and first pitch performance than injuries to the Rockies players or Monfort’s pride.

What We’ve Learned So Far – Ah, back when we were optimistic… but that being said, the center field camera still needs fixing as Eric points out so aptly.

Draft Coverage

Colorado Rockies Draft Day – Ryan Hammon broke down the Colorado Rockies Drafting Philosophy, the Rockies Drafting History and the results of the 2014 Colorado Rockies Draft. Also, follow Scott Fults as he looks at the Rockies current minor league philosophy.


A Fowler Front Office? – We keep going back and forth on whether the Rockies won the Fowler/Lyles trade but, one thing is certain, their front office could have handled it better.

Everything Monfort – No real reason to link the _three_ pieces we’ve had this week except to say that I’m surely tired about writing/reading about Monfort and it’d be easier not to if the Rockies were as good as he thinks they are… Instead, we’ll just defer to the guessing game.

Coors Field Rooftop Review – Still a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to watch a game there. That being said, the Rockies were quite courteous in replying to a tweet I made about my most recent unpleasant rooftop experience where I said the Rooftop wasn’t kid-friendly. More details to come on the changes they might want to make but their thinking is a Rooftop for kids/families in left field.

Major League Debuts and Unwritten Rules – The Rockies were just starting their slide at this point, but Eddie Butler held out hope. Alas, it was not meant to be. Yet the unwritten rules of baseball, stupid as Adam Peterson points out, are around.


Attention Celebrities The Colorado Rockies Need You to Win! – Yep, that’s why the Rockies haven’t been winning. Oh and don’t worry, a certain computer-generated personage will be returning within the next few weeks.

Analyst Who? – Don’t Blink – We blinked. Maybe the Rockies don’t need a President… they need a Doctor.

Concessions to Concessions at Coors Field – An early, whimsical and proven to be quite popular article. I’ll also admit that this season, I’ve become a fan of the smoked cheddar sausages.

Pausing for Roster Identification – Halfway through the roster shenanigans, we were already overwhelmed, since we were already past the funny stage.

On Balls and Strikes and One Man’s Rage – Ryan Hammon really made me laugh with this one, which might be best filed under analysis but, yeah, I was laughing.

The Night of the Blood Moon – Funny story with this one. Eric enjoyably went off the grid. I know a little about numerology and took him even farther off.

Thanks again for following us and hopefully you’ll enjoy this stroll down memory lane! If there’s anything you’d like us to write about, feel free to let us know!

Look forward to seeing you at the next Rockies Bloggers Panel!

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Originally from Chicago and after an extensive tour of most of the western United States, this is my second stint in Denver. I’ve lived here since 2004 and go to quite a few Rockies games, especially Rockies fireworks games! When I’m not writing about baseball, I enjoy karaoke downtown, a bit of poker and a bit too much of my iPad.

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