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The Rockies aren’t doing well. ‘Nuff said, sometimes we need pretty things to distract us from the “play” that happens on the field. For some, it’s The Rooftop. As for myself, while I generally am not a huge fan of fireworks, the Rockies put on a very nice show. Call me picky, but I’d rather see sparklies explode than the Rockies pitching implode.

For those unfamiliar, the Rockies generally have one or two fireworks shows during Independence Day Weekend and another show during the last homestand for September. If you haven’t had the chance to check out a Fireworks game at Coors Field, you definitely should. My daughter and I have been regular fans of it for the last four or so summers.

Tickets to it generally are a bit more expensive than your average Yankees game. However, if you pony up the funds for a left field pavillion (or try your luck at getting a Rockpile seat), you are allowed onto the field when the show starts. Of course, if you don’t want to buy a ticket, generally there are people camped out throughout LoDo to watch the festivities since they are darn hard to miss.

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Generally, they kick off about 20 minutes after the game. There was a rain delay earlier and rain was in the forecast throughout the night, but we got a little lucky that nothing really threatening (except for the Dodgers) showed up.

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Lots of people, but bring a blanket so you can claim a little turf for your ownsome.

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Once everyone gets settled in (preferably after a few frisbees, baseballs and inflated beachballs have been bounced around), then the fun begins.

2014-07-04 22.01.30 2014-07-04 22.01.38 2014-07-04 22.01.45 2014-07-04 22.02.08 2014-07-04 22.02.25 2014-07-04 22.02.32 2014-07-04 22.02.42 2014-07-04 22.03.102014-07-04 22.05.58

I’m sorry that last picture came out bad. I think it was around that time that I realized my tablet’s flash was going off and people were giving me weird looks. Thumb covering where the flash is going off (I hope), but shortly it wouldn’t be needed anyway.


Loud pops and screaming fizzers and big bangs… probably not the names of the fireworks, but there’s such a variety that I come up with my own names. You get ones that explode into hearts and four leaf clovers and red lips reminiscent of the Rocky Horror Picture show. My favorites are the rapid fire streakers that sound like machine guns going off. My daughter likes the golden sparkly things.

2014-07-04 22.03.26 2014-07-04 22.04.43 2014-07-04 22.04.34

There’s something to be said about grand finales, where thousands of dollars of fireworks go off in a brief few seconds. One might draw the analogy to American gluttony and consumerism where tons of money could be going to the local school district or homeless shelter instead of a sound and light show. I’m not that one… Anymore, anyway… it’s interesting how one’s priorities change from saving the world to getting a smile on my daughter’s face and gosh, she’s fun to entertain.

She loves the grand finale too. So much shoots off that the sky literally goes white. Oh, and very loud!

2014-07-04 22.03.40 2014-07-04 22.03.56 2014-07-04 22.04.07 2014-07-04 22.04.19

And then, the disembarking, one last chance to linger on a major league field before hopping up into the stands and departing. Pretty nice way to end a lovely night.

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