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Pausing for Roster Identification

Writing on a schedule is a funky concept. The idea is that given events happen and a benevolent writer’s job is to, when the smoke clears, assemble these kinds of events into a working theory that provides context to entertain their audience in a somewhat timely fashion. The challenge is that sometimes events lead to additional events while completely unrelated events change the context of the original events and could make the original theory hogwash. Which is all fine and dandy except sometimes the hardest part is when the original theory isn’t hogwash but gets rewritten so much that you’re still wondering if you believe what you originally thought.

Event: The Rockies announced two days ago that Eddie Butler will make his major league debut on Friday.

Theory: Franklin Morales will be moved to the bullpen, giving the Colorado Rockies a much needed long reliever while simultaneously upgrading both the bullpen and the rotation. Carlos Gonzalez is supposedly hurt so it’d be a good idea to put him on the Disabled List. Ok I can start writing that.

Event (Two hundred words into a pretty little introduction extolling Butler’s virtues) : Carlos Gonzalez goes on the Disabled List before Friday. How rude.

Theory 2.0: With the promotion of Ryan Wheeler and Michael Cuddyer being a potential backup at third base in a “break glass if it might be an emergency” kinda way, either Josh Rutledge or Charlie Culberson gets redundant but becomes an extra bat bench until the Rockies need a roster slot for Butler to take over. Ok I can start writing that.

Completely Unrelated Event: Jordan Pacheco is designated for assignment, promoting Michael McKenry.

Theory Since you’re on the phone to Colorado Springs to call Ryan Wheeler a cab, why not toss a real catcher into the back seat?

Event (Five hundred and thirty two words later): Jordan Lyles breaks his wrist, sending him to the Disabled List.

Theory 2.1: Ok, cool, Chris Martin‘s back. Um… Morales won’t be returning to the rotation, right? Nope (Thanks to the Denver Post). Well gosh, maybe we just dodged the “Should the Rockies call up Butler or Winkler/Matzek/et all question?” by calling up both. And we still think Rutledge will get demoted.

Event (Four hundred and twenty words later ((dis)counting the Eddie Butler introduction that was sacrificed to the Disabled List gods because, hey, “The Next Big Thing” deserves “His Own Article”): Boone Logan goes on the DL.

Theory 2.1.a.whatever: And there goes the part where Rutledge/Culberson gets demoted. Meanwhile, Eddie Butler’s still not promoted.

Instead of waiting for the smoke to clear sometimes you just have to throw your hands up in the air and write, even if you’ve been writing all along. It’s worse than a Game of Thrones Episode.

(Tucks Game of Thrones into his back pocket since he hasn’t written an outright Zingers article in awhile and isn’t sure if Franklin Morales is Littlefinger or Lord Varys.)

In case you haven’t been keeping score, let’s pause for roster identification.



Over the last two days, the Rockies have added…

Ryan Wheeler
Michael McKenry
Chris Martin

And lost…

Carlos Gonzalez
Jordan Lyles
Boone Logan
Jordan Pacheco

So yeah, the Rockies are playing a man short (24 players on the Active Roster) while using a three man rotation (Chacin, De la Rosa, Nicasio), eight man bullpen (who still can’t get three outs), six infielders (not counting Cuddyer who is an IINO (Infielder In Name Only)) and realizing I am using way too many parenthesis.

Meanwhile, Butler’s still not promoted. I’m guessing that’s why the Rockies are playing a man short because they also lost track of who was in the second cab to St. Anthony’s Hospital.

After Butler gets promoted, the Rockies will only have four men in their rotation. Perhaps then I can reinclude the Rutledge/Culberson demotion for that Triple AAA starter… but of course, the Rockies don’t have to make a decision like that until next Tuesday when Lyles’s rotation spot comes up. Today is Thursday. And as we can see, a lot can happen in two days so who knows how things will look by then.

In other words, I think I’ll power up Photoshop and take out my aggression on some jpegs because, in the game of altitude, you either win or your hand gets injured.

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Originally from Chicago and after an extensive tour of most of the western United States, this is my second stint in Denver. I’ve lived here since 2004 and go to quite a few Rockies games, especially Rockies fireworks games! When I’m not writing about baseball, I enjoy karaoke downtown, a bit of poker and a bit too much of my iPad.

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