MILB Rotation Round Up

This is potential Rockies top draft pick Kyle Freeland.  It wears his pitch face 24 hours a day.

The Rockies rotation struggles and injuries were no secret in 2014.  From broken hands to bulging discs, the Rockies staff experienced it all.  With no reasonable expectations for change whether that be through free agency or trade, the Rockies must look from within and hope the dice they rolled on previous draft picks pay off […]

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Rocky Road


You know, I know, heck your grandma knows that Coors Field is a launching pad. A mile high and a mile gone. Colorado finished with a .322 home average as they scored runs (6.2 per-game) and went deep (119 HR’s). For a great in-depth look at all the factors involved with hitting at Coors Field including which […]

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Denver Baseball: A Love Story


The last few seasons have been tough, really tough with the playoffs escaping the Rockies for the past five years. Over the past four years, the Rockies have failed to finish higher than fourth in the NL West while ownership has completely deteriorated following the death of team president Keli McGregor. This leaves us, the fans, […]

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Free Agent Targets for the Rockies to Seriously Consider


Denverites would love it if the Monforts ponied up a little extra cash for the Rockies to make significant waves in the free-agent market. Perhaps they learned that shelling out sacks of cash to lure players to come to Colorado wasn’t the way to go about success based on the disaster signings of Mike Hampton and […]

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Comparing the 2014 Royals and the 2007 Rockies

NL Trophy 07

The Kansas City Royals have swept their way to the 2014 World Series. They became the first team in baseball history to win 8 straight playoff games to get to the Fall Classic. Of course, fans in Denver know that record also comes with an asterisk.  The 2007 Colorado Rockies won 7 straight games in a single […]

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Coors Field: Which Handiness is favored?


It is widely known across baseball that Coors Field is the best hitter’s park in the bigs. Humidor or not, the mile high altitude, lets the ball fly off the bat, but what really makes the ballpark on Blake Street a hitter’s paradise?  Many Rockies fans already know this, but people outside the Rocky Mountain […]

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Starting a Trend

(Gray -

Entering the Jeff Bridich, the new Rockies general manager has some major decisions ahead depending on how he views the future with their stars. It’s always going to be about pitching with the Rockies. Can they get quality pitching at home? Is it about development or buying arms? Colorado has tried a mixture of both. […]

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The Rockies’ Bullpen: Fine as Is


I have a radical proposition for addressing the Rockies bullpen issues in 2015: do nothing. Maybe that’s too strong. They should exercise LaTroy Hawkins’s option and negotiate salaries with players up for arbitration, but that’s all. This isn’t an opinion I’ve seen anyone offer. The reason for that is because the 2014 bullpen stood out […]

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Jeff Bridich and a Culture of Value

jeff bridich denver post

The idea of “culture” in the Rockies organization has become a bit of a joke among many fans and media types. This dismissive attitude toward the term developed when owner and president Dick Monfort stated he would fear making any changes which would disrupt the “culture of value” within the organization.  This week we got […]

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