Rain Ain’t All Fun And Games


The Colorado Rockies have had a bad run of luck in May, sending them through an 11 game losing streak and at one point to the worst win-loss record in all of baseball. I’m not talking about their offense, their pitching or even that nippy little injury bug. Nope, I’m talking about the weather. Rain, […]

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Series Recap 5/25 to 5/27: Zingers in Cincinnati

(Photo by A. Peterson)

Major League Baseball is awash in money. There are many reasons for this but one of the biggest ones is the local television money. Teams are signing contracts with Regional Sports Networks (RSN’s) and the League is getting new national deals for billions—with a B—of dollars. These deals are centered on the RSN’s having exclusive […]

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Series Recap 5/22 – 5/24: Love for the Backups


There are no words spared for the players we find in the lineups day in and day out, the stars, the ones we turn to for late-inning heroics, All-Star appearances, whose names can be seen on the backs of hundreds of fans’ jerseys at every game. But one of the best parts about baseball is […]

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The Rockies Season Isn’t Over…Yet

Over the past few weeks, the prevailing feeling among Rockies bloggers and traditional journalists alike has been, “Well, it’s time to throw in the towel on the 2015 season.” You can hardly blame us. An 11-game losing streak will do that to a fan base. However, it is only May 24 and no team has played even […]

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Rockies Need Discipline


En route to scoring 7 runs and defeating the Phillies Thursday afternoon, Rockies hitters walked 6 times and struck out not at all.  That plate discipline was as magnificent as it was uncharacteristic.  Much has been written and voiced in 2015 about how awful Rockies pitchers, as a group, have been in producing good strikeout […]

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Series Recap 5/18 – 5/21: You Incredible Nincompoops


For the Rockies, to put together a win lately has been like trying to finish off a complicated 2000 piece puzzle. Even as they start to make progress on one part, with solid performances recently from starters Jordan Lyles, Jorge De La Rosa and even Kyle Kendrick, they suddenly lose the ability to hit, well, […]

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Rockies Zingers On The Sports Show


Woody Paige and Les Shapiro from The Sports Show at the Denver Post are trying to understand the bloggers better. For my part, I’m still trying to understand the media better… and they’ve been very helpful in leading me along. So, I tried my best to answer Woody and Les’s questions. Why do we write? […]

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Talking with LaTroy Hawkins: Little League and Arm Health


I recently sat down with LaTroy Hawkins, the Rockies veteran pitcher. Hawk was drafted and signed by the Minnesota Twins in 1991, and made his big league debut on April 12th, 1995. He has now made over 1,000 appearances in MLB but he has not forget his roots in youth baseball. When Jackie Robinson West the […]

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What is Tulo’s Trade Value?

Now that the mass hysteria following the overly vague New York Post report that Troy Tulowitzki will meet with his agent while the Rockies are in Los Angeles has somewhat passed since Tulo said he will not request a trade from the team, we have reached a point in time to logically discuss (is that even possible with Tulo […]

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Series Recap 5/14 to 5/17: Four Strikeouts and the Rockies


Colorado Rockies at Los Angeles Dodgers One of the most fascinating (and confusing) rules in the sport of baseball is the dropped third strike. In my exhaustive research (read: 10-minutes’ worth), there doesn’t seem to be a solid, coherent explanation for why this rule developed. It seems that someone decided early on that if that 3rd strike […]

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