Price of Gold: Rising

(Arenado -

Third basemen Pablo Sandoval and Kyle Seager just got paid, and I mean PAID. Sandoval is getting a reported 98 million over five years to ship up to Boston and depart from his stay in the Bay, while Seager resigned with the Mariners for seven years at a price of 100 million. Sandoval is 28 […]

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Asking Questions About the 2014 Rockies


In my sophomore year of high school, I took a class called Big History. Instead of a normal World History course where one memorizes when and where different societies slaughtered each other, Big History took a broad perspective on our existence. Ranging from the Big Bang to industrialization, we attempted to answer some marginally important […]

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But We Were Promised Flying Cars By Now

Modesto Nuts

There are lots of things to like about Major League Baseball’s offseason.  There are fancy free agents to sign, blockbuster trades to be made, and plenty of preceding rumors and subsequent hot-takes of each to consume.  The most geeky of baseball fans – and make no mistake, I consider myself to be one – also […]

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Stranger in a Strange Land: A Baseball Exile in Football Country


I grew up in the Denver suburbs, and in my home it was all about baseball. This was before Major League Baseball awarded Denver a franchise but thanks to TBS and WGN, we were able to get two different baseball teams on our TV on a regular basis. What’s more, I was fortunate enough to grow up […]

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Jhoulys Chacin the Forgotten Man


The 2014 season was a disaster for the Rockies rotation, full of injury and disappointment. With the Rockies declining Brett Anderson’s option, having three fifths of their rotation being a disaster, and big free agent pitchers likely to steer clear of Coors, the Rockies are going to need Jhoulys Chacin to rebound in a big […]

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Wanted: Starter, Innings Eater…


Example number one of why things are not as easy as the seem: Russell Martin. The 31 year-old catcher was brought up plenty around these parts including in a post by Eric Garcia McKinley where he says Martin should have been looked at as priority number one for the Rockies this offseason.  Rightfully so as […]

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Rockies Line-Up for Yesterday


This is the Rockies version of Ogden Nash’s classic 1949 poem “Line-up for Yesterday.” Of the poem Nash said “These men are up there. These men are the game.” My Rockies version is “An ABC Of Baseball Immortals” plus some quirky-ness. If you have suggestions or think I have missed someone comment below, otherwise enjoy “Rockies […]

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The Rockies in the Present


The offseason is baseball’s present tense. During the season, the moments are fleeting, as nearly every day produces more information to add to the pile of what we think we know about individual players and teams. Even in the midst of unexpected storylines unfolding, we know that tomorrow is very likely to challenge us with […]

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Forever Snubbed by the BBWAA


Clayton Kershaw was recently named the 2014 National League Most Valuable Player, becoming the first NL pitcher to win the honor since Bob Gibson in 1968. Gibson posted a ludicrous 1.12 ERA in 304.2 innings, and he had 28 complete games in his 34 starts. Kershaw had one fewer start than Gibson had complete games, […]

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Outfield: New and Used

Kyle Parker

Rockies general manager Jeff Bridich already is head first into his new position. With the Hot Stove offseason upon us the decision to extend qualifying offers to free agents is the first step. Bridich extended one to veteran Michael Cuddyer and with the event of the week played out we see it was a win for the […]

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