A Muse for Matzek


Life is full of good things.  Two of my personal favorites happen to be watching baseball and drinking beer.  While each of these things have wholly independent utility and can be enjoyed quite a lot on their own, at least in my particular case, one accentuates the other.  When I engage in both simultaneously, the […]

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Discussing Defense with DJ LeMahieu

DJ LeMahieu

If we want to use the “eye test”, anyone who watches the Colorado Rockies knows DJ LeMahieu is a good fielder. We’ve seen him dive for balls up the middle and get an out to the point they seem routine. We’ve watched him turn double plays with Nolan Arenado, Troy Tulowitzki and Justin Morneau so […]

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Series Recap 4/17/15-4/19/15: Pray For Rain


“First we’ll use Spahn then we’ll use Sain Then an off day followed by rain Back will come Spahn followed by Sain And followed we hope by two days of rain.” Those were the words written about HoFer Warren Spahn and All Star Johnny Sain by Boston Post sports editor Gerald V. Hern. The Boston Braves were […]

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Troy is a Pretty Big Deal

MLB: San Diego Padres at Colorado Rockies

In case you didn’t know, Troy is a pretty big deal.  He’s really good at hitting a ball over a fence with a stick.  Surely, Troy is good at lots of different things, but what he’s really good at is hitting balls over fences with sticks.  He’s also really good at catching and throwing balls […]

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Talking with Tulowitzki on Working and Winning


From our armchairs, we as fans can get frustrated. Many of us will watch a baseball game and see a pitcher walk the bases loaded. Perhaps we’ll see one of a handful of “all glove, no hit” shortstops scraping by with a .250-ish batting average come up to bat with the bases loaded. We might, […]

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Series Recap 4/13/15-4/15/15: Leather Daddies Spank the Champs


My first thought after the opening series sweep was, “alright, Rockies, here we go again with another hot start. Is this year going to be any different?” It might seem strange for a great start by one’s favorite team to elicit a pessimistic response, but that’s just the state of mind of a Rockies fan in […]

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Attitude over Altitude – Interview with Jon Weil


The Colorado Rockies don’t want to focus on altitude. It’s a part of the reality playing 81 home games at Coors Field but the organization does not want that to dictate what happens with their pitchers. A new attitude has emerged from the Rockies this offseason starting with the front office. Who ever toes the […]

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Denver Post Opening Day Panel Recap


The home opener brings a lot of excitement and electricity to Denver and LoDo, embraced by hardcore and casual baseball fans alike as what is basically a regional holiday or half-day. But it’s also a good time to take a step back and take a critical look at where the team stands, and where it’s […]

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