Player Development with Zach Wilson

Troy Tulowitzki, Nolan Arenado

Fearless. It’s a characteristic people would like to believe they bring to the table, but we as humans have flaws. The key to overcoming those flaws is learning, being confident in what you do and when it all clicks, being fearless in your execution. Professional athletes go through the same struggles with their talents. Spring […]

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The State of Our Bullpen


Here is a statement destined to raise a few eyebrows and touch a few nerves: the Rockies’ bullpen might be a bright spot of 2015. Wait, wait! Hear me out. In a long list of last season’s scapegoats, most people would probably put the performances out of the bullpen near the top. There are certainly […]

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A Year Abroad: An Ode to Uncertainty

Photo Jul 25, 6 41 50 PM

Most of my spring training fandom so far has been faithful adherence to reading the Rockies blogs and Twitter, trying to cultivate an understanding of the general vibe, as well as accumulate sufficient knowledge to feel qualified to speak on the subject. My second piece has been so delayed in its manifestation due to that […]

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Bench Warming


Bench warming is boring.  Boring to do and boring to watch.  Every once in a while a team will roster a guy with a special personality, interesting backstory, or some outsized lone skill that doesn’t make up for enough of his overall baseball deficiency to make him a starter, but is valuable enough to earn […]

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Reflecting on Rockies – 2015 SABR Analytics Conference


Time is a little bit arbitrary. A player, such as Charlie Blackmon, can go 6 for 6 on the first day, or hit .374 in their first month and become an All-Star. Let’s say we change the window of time that we are looking at and throw out Blackmon’s Opening Day or Blackmon’s April. Sure, […]

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Spring Training Traditions

"Colorado Rockies spring training in Scottsdale"

Baseball is a game of tradition. The seventh-inning stretch, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” there are dozens of practices that have transcended hundreds of years of history. But we don’t have to wait for the season to begin to start seeing tradition manifest with our favorite team. Spring training comes with its own set […]

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7 Reasons Why Gray and Butler Should NOT Make the Starting Rotation

Butler (left) and Gray could benefit from another year in minor league uniforms (Photo

As spring training action gets underway, the battles for the spots on the fringes of the major league rosters will be dominating the non-best-shape-of-his-life headlines for the foreseeable future. One of the primary debates for Rockies fans will revolve around who will be occupying the bottom of the rotation. There are many advocates for slotting […]

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RBYI (Rockies Bringing Youth Interest) Back


On a snowy Denver Thursday I ventured down to Coors Field to meet with club Historian and Administrator of the Rockies RBI League, Mr. Paul Parker.  We spoke on all things from Sabermetrics or propeller heads as LaTroy Hawkins calls it, to Larry Walker‘s All-Star break interview on why he was still hitting around .400 at the break.  The […]

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Monfort and Sons

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 2.59.35 PM

Our good friend and MLB beat writer covering the Rockies Thomas Harding mistook (probably in jest), the 12-time Grammy nominated band Mumford and Sons for one named Monfort and Sons. It is hilarious on so many levels. As a big music and Rockies fan, this has already topped my week in Baseball Twitter. I also saw it and thought, “Hey, I […]

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