Neighborhood Watch: NL West 12-19-14


The offseason rolls along as teams continue to wheel and deal. We’ve already seen major movement around the National League West which we touched on in last week’s first installment of Neighborhood Watch. We’ll continue to break down the player movement as Colorado added another player as well. Utility-man Daniel Descalso signed a two-year deal with […]

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A Different Shade of Purple


This wasn’t the post I intended to write for this week. I planned to write about baseball, but instead I’m announcing my departure from Rockies Zingers. Starting next week, I’ll be joining Purple Row as an author and deputy editor. I’m excited for the opportunity and the challenges that will come along with it, but […]

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The Future: Rockies Catcher Depth Explored

Ryan Casteel of Melbourne Aces (SMP Images)

As many have pointed out, Wilin Rosario seems to be not long for Denver. While the Dodgers and Padres keep trading for everyone (including you, didn’t your agent call?) and then trading everyone away (enjoy your new job at IKEA US HQ), the Rockies have yet to make any major moves and no deals for […]

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Corey Dickerson, Bichette part deux


If I told you there was power hitting left fielder at Coors Field with a knack for punishing baseballs and misreading fly balls, you would probably ask if he had a mullet. Corey Dickerson’s breakout 2014 season was a surprise to many, but it was more of a trend as he moved up the organization. […]

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What to Read about the Hall of Fame


The Baseball Hall of Fame—as a museum and a process by which former players (and others) are enshrined—is more art than science, and more kitsch than authentic. This is something to keep in mind as you read about the Hall of Fame voting this month. You’ll read a lot about capricious voting, sanctimony, and cheating. […]

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Fantasy Superstars on the Rockies: Part II

Colorado Rockies relieve pitcher LaTroy Hawkins in the dugout.

Last week, I profiled the top-five Rockies in terms of expected fantasy value. As I mentioned in that piece, Coors Field is a an advantage for position players and a detriment for pitchers in terms of fantasy value. That’s why my top-five Rockies were all position players, but the next five players are a mix […]

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OOTP 15: An Alternative History of the 2014 Rockies

OOTP Live Game Screen

I’m getting antsy already. That the offseason makes me a bit stir crazy is well documented. Here we are in December, the calendar is ready to flip to 2015, and we are fast approaching the Baseball Solstice–the midpoint between the end of the World Series and Opening Day–on January 16th. I don’t know about you, […]

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Neighborhood Watch: NL West


Major League Baseball’s Winter Meetings lit up the wire with a flurry of moves. Power teams, making power moves. Some franchise have to be tinkered with without the luxury of a blank check. However the NL West has not held back. Colorado didn’t come away with the shiniest new toys from the meetings but they did start […]

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Better Bullpen Building


Major League Baseball’s 2014 Winter Meetings have come to a close, and the Colorado Rockies’ constellation of stars remain.  Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez probably aren’t going anywhere at this point, as many of the teams that might have been good fits have already made moves in other directions this week.  And while rumors continue […]

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When An Armchair GM Kicks The Tires


I like to think of myself as a smart baseball fan. If you’re on this website and reading this article, you probably think that way too. Together, we know a lot of useful and useless statistics about our beloved game. Together, we have millions of opinions about things that will probably never come to fruition. […]

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