Masked Men

Ramon Hernandez

It’s been quite a while since the Rockies went into spring training with its opening day starting lineup so pre-ordained.  However, while we may be running a little short on position player intrigue this year, we are not entirely devoid of it.  And, appropriately, perhaps the best of that intrigue lies behind the mask.  Oh […]

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True or False: The Hope of Spring Training


True or false. Every team is getting ready to find out if their hope during spring training is true hope or false hope. For the Colorado Rockies it was about getting healthy and picking their spots to spend this offseason. As players report to camp we start to find out their initial thoughts on the season. Jenny […]

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The Smell of Baseball is in the Air


It’s that time of the year, the countdown has begun as the regular season is less than two months out and every baseball fanatic has that feeling of optimism as they feel this is the year that their team goes all the way.  The winter meetings are over and pitchers and catchers have arrived at […]

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Rockies Prospects on the National Radar

(Matt Burton/

Earlier this month, we looked at the Rockies farm system rankings to try to figure out who the consensus top Rockies prospects are going into the 2015 season. Today we’re going to zoom out a bit more and see how the Rockies system compares to the rest of baseball. Once again, (spoiler alert) Jon Gray […]

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My Year a Rockies Fan: The Inception and Introduction


My name is Parker Fleming. I’m a life-long St. Louis Cardinals fan. Not to worry, I’m no champion of “The Cardinal Way” or one of the Best Fans in Baseballtm, I just was born and raised wearing Cardinal Red. I watch on average perhaps six to ten baseball games a week during the summers, and […]

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Rockies Boom and Bust Predictions for 2015

(Stubbs -

For all of the projections and sabermetrics and statistics for devoted fans to find and devour, it’s really unpredictability that rules baseball. There is a statistic for almost everything — if you don’t believe me, spend a few minutes on — but there is nothing that can encapsulate the human factor. Spring training is […]

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Baseball Card Collector’s Corner

JA Ryan Turner

Something that dates almost as far back as Alexander Cartwright’s Knickerbocker Rules are baseball cards. You know those little pieces of cardboard with pictures of players on them, in a shoebox, somewhere in your parent’s attic. Well, did you know these cards can bring some pretty significant monetary value? Of course you did, you’re smart! […]

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What do we make of the new Pace of Play Program?

pitch clock

News dropped early Friday morning that big changes were coming to the game of baseball. And when I say big I mean moderate. And when I say changes I mean different enforcement of rules that are already on the books. Honestly, Baseball Twitter ™ did not react as strongly as I had thought to this […]

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The 40-Man Ladder – Spring Training Edition


Organized, officially sanctioned, and professional baseball actives have commenced, and thusly the world once again makes sense.  Against sun drenched backdrops of cacti and citrus trees, bats are cracking and mitts are popping.   Life is beautiful and all is well. And what better way to celebrate the unquantifiable joy that accompanies the dawn of a […]

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Eureka! I Found Positivity!


As we near the horizon of the 2015 baseball season, optimism is rampant throughout the baseball community, especially amongst National League fans. Of course, followers of certain teams have more reason for optimism than others. The Chicago Cubs, who I recently learned have had some trouble winning the World Series recently, added a bonafide ace […]

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