Projection vs. Performance: Taking Stock After April


Now that the romantic honeymoon period of April is behind us, the Rockies and their fans approach the month that has so often been the crux of the season. In Rockies world, it seems an optimistic April consistently leads to a spiraling March, culminating with some sort of injury/disaster series/rotational implosion/all that begets a summer […]

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Series Recap 5/1 to 5/3: Mass Hysteria

beware the padres

Prior to the 2014 offseason, the San Diego Padres were baseball’s plain oatmeal. I was going to say vanilla ice cream, but dessert is a little too exciting to describe a team that last year threatened to become the worst hitting team in over 100 years (they avoided that, finishing with a .226 team batting […]

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Foster, Colorado for Quality


All the numbers can make your head spin; batting average against, earned run average, walks plus hits per inning pitched (WHIP), there are plenty of ways to evaluate a pitchers performance. When it comes to the Colorado Rockies there is one set that I like to use as a baseline for every starter, the quality […]

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A Year Abroad: The Infinite Sea and the Edge of a Knife

GK Chesterton, a Rockies Fan.

GK Chesterton has a wonderful quote about the lens through which man can process the world. He says, “[p]oetry is sane because it floats easily in an infinite sea; reason seeks to cross the infinite sea, and so make it finite. The result is mental exhaustion. To accept everything is an exercise, to understand everything […]

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8th Round Pick turned Future All Star?


Coming off three home runs in two games this past week, while dealing with plantar fasciitis nonetheless, I wanted to examine former 8th round pick Corey Dickerson‘s staying power by looking at his home/away splits as well as his RH/LH pitcher splits. The perception of less heralded prospects such as Corey Dickerson is that they […]

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Are We Seeing a Different Walt Weiss?


We are entering our third year with Walt Weiss as manager of the Colorado Rockies and we’re still trying to figure out what to make of him. In the early part of the season it seems like things are different. During the Rockies home opener, for example, Walt made the unorthodox move of batting the […]

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Rockies Bloggers Panel / Purple Row Birthday – 4/25/15 Recording


On April 25th, Purple Row‘s editors, writers and community members from the past and present gathered at Jackson’s to celebrate their 10th year anniversary. Boy, was it a party. As with every blogger panel, there’s usually a lengthy pre-panel chat where everyone’s getting to meet each other. Sometimes we even forget to start the panel […]

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Series Recap 4/24-4/26: Walk Like A Giant


In 20 innings of baseball with the San Francisco Giants this weekend the Rockies pitchers issued 20 walks. Right now Rockies pitchers are walking 3.61 guys per nine innings, that is the second worst rate in the NL. The Rockies pitching staff will need to fix this walk rate if they want to compete for […]

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A Year Abroad: A Pitcher By Any (Other) Name

Jason Jennings, with an original iPod, in all his turn of the century glory. From

First, our American Sentences for the week, in honor of the Dodgers and Padres, featuring some good, old-fashioned baseball despair. Deep down, we all knew that California would come and pull us ground-ward. Oh, God, we have to play the Dodgers thirteen more times before June 4th. Now to regularly scheduled programming. In sitting to […]

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Is It Time to Worry About Cargo & Morneau?


April baseball is a fascinating time. April baseball gives us performances that lead to a league leading 269 wRC+* (Adrian Gonzalez) as well as qualified hitters with -2 wRC+ (Welcome to the American League, Evan Gattis!). And who can forget Charlie Blackmon’s .374/.418/.616 April last year? It’s hard to not try and draw conclusions/build narratives […]

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